Since 2008

Saveurs YMCA has been offering catering services to the community since its inception in 2008. Its mission is to provide the community with healthy and affordable meals. Saveurs YMCA is specialized in catering cocktail parties, special events and business luncheons at affordable prices. Furthermore, in order to help achieve a healthy work/life balance, we offer individuals and families ready-made meals that can be eaten in the workplace or taken home.

Saveurs YMCA is also partnered with other community organizations and agencies.


A world of diversity and flavour

Since 1931, the YMCA Residence has provided temporary housing to thousands of people of all ages and from all over the world. Over time, the food being prepared at the YMCA Residence restaurant began to reflect this diversity.
The restaurant staff is responsible for bringing this diversity to life and for showcasing its flavours via the Saveurs YMCA catering service.


Environmentally friendly catering practices

We use real dishes and reusable serving trays that we deliver and collect after use.
We offer packaging that is compostable or recyclable.
We use natural cleaning and sanitation products.
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